Artificial Bladder Prototype - 2016

About 80,000 people per year are affected by bladder cancer, some of whom dies and some of whom are cured. However, the cures provided by the medical field has many negative effects. Therefore, The Artificial Bladder Device (ABD) is a new vision in the treatment of bladder cancer. It replaces the normal bladder that is removed due to cancer and mimics its roles. The ABD is controlled via a mobile application that gives the patient alarms to empty the bladder when full. Also, it predicts the estimated time to empty it again. Knowing that this application utilizes the cloud services to synchronize data into Windows Azure platform that provides the medical institution with vital statistics about the bladder cancer, monitor the patients having the device, and the device also features machine learning algorithms (such as decision trees) to predict the place of the upcoming cancer strikes and other related information. 

  Backend - API, C#, IoT - Embedded Systems, Mobile Apps, Software Engineering
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