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Backend – API
Generative AI
IoT – Embedded Systems
Machine Learning – AI
Mobile Apps
Software Engineering
Web Development
Backend – API|IoT – Embedded Systems|Web Development

Platform that allows paralyzed and ALS patients (e.g. Stephen Hawking) to type at least 300% faster than the rate achieved by Stephen Hawking using Intel’s ACAT system…

Backend – API|Web Development

Carpolo is a smart carpooling platform with a gamified points reward system and analytics tools to promote carpooling for communities. I lead the team and developed the full backend including…

Backend – API|Web Development

Developed the system for working with brainwaves (EEG) data which is linked to training programs that are designed to help children who suffer from reading disorders (e.g. Dyslexia)…

Backend – API|C#|Machine Learning – AI|Mobile Apps|Web Development

ConSift (a.k.a. KeyStroke) empowers a device (hardware), or a web service (software) with the necessary artificial intelligence to recognize the owner of the account through their way of typing….

Backend – API|Mobile Apps|Software Engineering|Web Development

The World’s First Smart Indoor Plant Waterer Developed the dashboard and both mobile apps (Android and iOS): Developed the backend and RESTful API that connect…

C#|Software Engineering

This is an internal tool I developed for a company in C#. The tool reads an SQL database (MSSQL, MySQL, over remote connection or from a file), and generates all the necessary files for the…

C#|Mobile Apps

A Windows Phone 8 game developed in C# and XAML. Meant to be played multi-player where the phone is placed on a flat surface and the players are facing each other; the smiley face starts to…

Backend – API|Software Engineering|Web Development

Learning platform with robotics, coding, artificial intelligence and many more courses to come! I implemented part of the backend and the browser-based compiler….

Backend – API|Software Engineering|Web Development

Social Information Monitoring tool by Humanitarian Innovation Labs (UNICEF) Developed the “smart” system that scrapes Facebook groups and analyzes posts and comments of refugees and help UNICEF…

Backend – API|C#|IoT – Embedded Systems|Mobile Apps|Software Engineering

A prototype for an artificial bladder that replaces a cancerous one and can be controlled via a mobile app…

Backend – API|C#|IoT – Embedded Systems|Mobile Apps

ReminDrug is a platform that manages prescriptions and, paired with a pill dispenser, prevents multiple medical mistakes and saves patients’ lives….

Backend – API|C#|Mobile Apps

Hatch n’ Catch is a fun-to-play education game that requires players to run after each other thus merging physical activities with virtual games!…

Backend – API|Web Development

BlissPin is a bucketlist-like platform where users can share their recipes for success….

About me

Coffee lover, engineer, tinkerer, programmer, developer, teacher, team lead, product owner, speaker and mentor.

Over my 13-year-career, I’ve developed and delivered SaaS as well as single-tenant solutions ranging from web & mobile apps, to desktop and cloud apps, to IoT and electronic solutions, to banking ATMs and self-service kiosks.

I’ve been through several incubators and accelerators, and have won many prestigious competitions and prizes!

My interests are very broad, but I surely do specialize in a few technologies (mostly backend and cloud).

~ 13 years of experience in Backend Solutions (SaaS and single-tenant)
~ 8 years of experience in node.js and cloud solutions (mainly in AWS and Azure)
~ 3 years of experience in .Net, .Net Core, and C#
~ 5 years of experience as a team lead, including fulfilling product owner and scrum master roles
~ 4 years of experience with IoT solutions
~ 1.5 years of experience in Python, FastAPI, Apache Airflow
~ 1 year graduate course instructor at Dalhousie University – Designed and taught the technical aspects of the Tech innovation course (3 semesters – full year)
~ 1 year of experience in Java

Many innovation and mentorship awards including Microsoft Imagine Cup and Discovery Center Award for Innovation
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Besides my work, I like to research artificial intelligence topics;

I have several publications in the field of keystroke dynamics so far, and I believe that books are our current implementation of telepathy.