Steve (Mostafa) Dafer

Coffee lover, engineer, tinkerer, programmer, developer, teacher, team lead, product owner, speaker and mentor.

Over my 10-year career, I’ve developed and shipped solutions ranging from web and mobile apps, to desktop and cloud apps, to IoT and electronic solutions, to banking ATMs and self-service kiosks.

My interests are very broad, but I surely do specialize in a few technologies (mostly backend and cloud).

~ 10-year experience in Backend Solutions (SaaS and single-tenant)
~ 7-year experience in node.js and cloud solutions (mainly in AWS and Azure)
~ 3-year experience in .Net, .Net Core, and C#
~ 3-year experience as a team lead, including fulfilling product owner and scrum master roles in scrum teams
~ 3-year experience with IoT solutions
~ 1.5-year experience in Python, FastAPI, Apache Airflow
~ 1 year graduate course instructor at Dalhousie University – Designed and taught the technical aspects of the Tech Innovation course (3 semesters – full year)
– Many innovation and mentorship awards including Microsoft Imagine Cup and Discovery Center Award for Innovation

Besides my work, I like to research artificial intelligence topics; I have several publications in the field of keystroke dynamics so far, and I believe that books are our current implementation of telepathy.